Rural Security Systems
to keep up with the latest threats

Time to start your strategy to prevent theft?

Now that spring is approaching, it's traditionally the time of year to start thinking 'out with the old and in with the new'. However, this might also apply to the kind of people who have their eyes on your property.

So could this be the right time for you to step up you strategy to prevent them? No single solution is the right answer to all situations, let us help you get the right solution for your situation.

With rural crime on the increase,
let us help you stay one step ahead.

Inherently good security systems have been believed to equate to great expense. but what is the cost of rural crime, loss of earnings, machinery, increase in insurance premiums, damage to the enviroment.

Traditional hard wired systems were related to high cost due to the rural setting, now technology has move on we are now able to provide cost effective CCTV and perimeter security in remote location. Should there be no power we use renewable engery sources to supply your system.

What you need to know about AGI Mobile

We have had great experience installing the following farm security systems: Farm CCTV, Remote Wireless Perimeter Security Systems, Fuel Tank Alarms, vehicle tracking and safety solutions.

Our farm CCTV systems can be completely wireless and can also be used for lambing, calfing, foaling and general farm management. The farm CCTV can be remotely viewed from any internet connected PC or Mobile phone, allowing you to manage the farm from virtually anywhere.

Being based near the Ely heart of East Anglia’s farming community, AGI has a dedicated agricultural security section specialising in farm security.

We offer bespoke security systems designed with farmers in mind.

We can also offer rapid deployment security that can be left to protect your machinery whilst in the field.